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Jennifer Lopez's 'Dance Again' video premieres


If the glittering orgy-in-a-perfume-bottle video concept for her new Red One-produced, Pitbull-guesting club anthem "Dance Again" is in any way autobiographical, Jennifer Lopez wants you to know that she's really over being married. Because "dance again"? Come on, it's a metaphor for doing it, you guys!

Bing: Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez to perform together

The video opens with the message: "Always remember ... You will live / You will love / You will dance again", which may be a reference to her divorce from Marc Anthony. Though their break didn't appear contentious -- the pair are reuniting on stage for their upcoming Q'Viva! concert -- J.Lo fully embraces her single status, falling into a swarm of writhing half-naked bodies at the bottom of a bottle of her signature scent Glowing. She spots her real-life boyfriend, dancer Casper Smart, and the two unite for a risque dance duet -- which again, metaphor.

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What do you think of the video?

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Apr 30, 2012 7:10AM
Abraham Marreor, were you there in Jennifer's life to know what Marc was doing? You speak of Marc's cheating as if you have definitive knowledge and personal knowledge.  How do you personally know whether he was cheating? Jennifer only married him in the first place because Ben Afflceck broke  up with her. According to her she was deeply in love with Marc six months after breaking up with someone she was engaged to marry and supposedly deeply in love with.  Right.  Did she not learn a lesson with Chris Judd?
Apr 28, 2012 12:16PM
Jennier Lopez and her new boyfriend.  Now there's a worn out phrase.
Apr 28, 2012 7:35AM

Marc Anthony: "Jenn, Jenn, so I cheated on you, so what, This is what males do. I did it to my first wife and you married me, so you knew what could happen. What are you upset about? I gave you twins, made you a mother, you should be happy that as a wife and mother you accomplished what other females want to accomplish. Remember you're"Old" now. You're time is past! Accept your new situation! No one wants to see a 40 yr old Mother  of two Dancing or looking "Glamourous"! Jenn I love you (Yeah I said that to my first wife) So-o-o? It's over for your previous wishes. Your place is in the Kitchen and taking care of my, er-r-r, our kids. I belong in the world of Media, not you. So forget that life. If you don't I;m going to "Peggarte" (Beat You).

JLKO (Thinking) I'm going to hire that Dancer who protected me from those thug Paparrazi, and offer to pay him as my "Personal Bodyguard", And make sure he's comfortable telling people rumours that we are an "Item" (Wink).

Apr 28, 2012 7:22AM
Can't some of you "Get it", as to why JLO has a "Flexible Strong Muscle Bound Boy Toy"? When your supposed "Loving" Husband (Who supposedly "Loved" his first wife) and betrayed that wife with JLO, then betrays his 2nd wife (JLO) because of his Dellusional Machista Attitude" and "Self Grandeur" (Ala Tigar Woods), then threatens her (JLO from the Bronx) with physical violence....What is a Wife seeking Divorce to do??  You get someone with "Bigger Muscles", and Younger Age (Testosterones Heavy) to put a "Check Mate" on an Extreme Machismo Male like, Marc Anthony, that definitely knows "Nothing about Love"! Marc ain't gonna threaten JLO when her Boytoy Pitbull is around. Someone should have warned Marc Anthony about his roving eyes, "Beware the Ides of March"!
Apr 28, 2012 6:05AM
Stay Free. Jenn! Good for you. Commitments warp Relationships when it's only a "One Way" commitment from one partner. Manhattanites understand the Concept of Being a "Free Spirit", even though you were from the Bronx,  I'm sure the Vibs of Manhattan got into your Self and you've come Home to your NYoRIcan Free Spirit Essence. Welcome Home Jennifer, Isn't it Written, Divorce is Not the End, But a New Beginning! Or as John Lennon would say, It's Just like "Starting Over" ! Peace
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