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©AP/ Liz Phair
© AP/ Liz Phair
Liz Phair writes editorial defending Lana Del Rey

Liz Phair has certainly inspired us -- her 1993 debut, "Exile in Guyville," is one of our 500 Greatest Albums of All Time -- and now we have inspired her.

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Rolling Stone reached out to the singer-songwriter/provocateur to share her thoughts on Lana Del Rey, who has been as intensely loved and loathed by fans and media in recent weeks as Phair herself was in the '90s.

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Unfortunately for Rolling Stone, Phair said she wasn't interested in sharing her perspective on Del Rey. But she wrote an op-ed on the subject for the Wall Street Journal.

"Lana Del Rey seems to be bothering everybody because she allegedly 'remade' herself from a folk singing, girl-next-door type into an electro-urban kitty cat on the prowl [of course I like her], and they feel she is inauthentic," Phair writes. "I would argue that the uncomfortable feelings she elicits are simply the by-product of watching a woman wanting and taking like a man."

Read Liz Phair's full Lana Del Rey op-ed here.

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Feb 6, 2012 7:50AM

Liz, it's not so complicated - Lana's singing sucks!

Feb 6, 2012 7:43AM
Who are these "catty" people. Chill!
Feb 6, 2012 12:33AM
I'm glad there was such a pukefest over her SNL performance because otherwise I would never have heard of her.  I really liked her performance.  Her songs are unusual, textured, PJHarvey-ish at times, and that's exactly my taste.  
I'm looking forward to hearing more FROM her, and hearing much less ABOUT her.  I couldn't care less about her personal life and I hope she makes more music I want to hear, and tons of money along the way.  It's funny how an artist's personal life has virtually no connection to the quality of music they put out there.  For example, everyone was all in love with Jewel's story when she first appeared, even though I found her music to be complete rubbish (and still do).  And look at all the people who think Björk is a freak for beating the crap out of that reporter and wearing that swan dress, yet she's considered a musical genius by many others.  I hope Lana Del Rey pumps out tons of music and doesn't try to cater to the masses of deaf, tasteless, pop music fans. 
Feb 5, 2012 11:45PM

I've seen a lot of performances on SNL from people who's music I like and found it to be lacking. I remember one that had such a great voice singing acoustic songs that blew it on SNL.  Real quality singing doesn't always come in a pretty looking package. So what do you expect, it's a business, the public wants looks and the studio only needs to start with a halfway decent voice. She is nothing new and if you want to condemn her you have a large list to fill. I wonder who the one here is that's really caring all the baggage.

Feb 5, 2012 11:22PM
I'm not bothered by the fact that she re-invented herself at all...

I'm bothered by the fact that she seems to have no talent. Her voice is mediocre at best, and her performance skills are blase'...I did give her the benefit of the doubt by watching several of her spots, and they were about 4 out of 10 at best - 
she's cute, but that's about it - even that appears pretty vacuous.

I'm not really sure why I care at this just seems they are making a big deal out of a talent that is not there...even the released song is a ripoff and a boring tune to boot - who cares?
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