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Laurieann Gibson
© Scott Kirkland / Retna Digital -- Laurieann Gibson
Lady Gaga cuts ties with creative director Laurieann Gibson

By Matthew Perpetua
Rolling Stone

Lady Gaga has ended her working relationship with her longtime creative director, Laurieann Gibson. According to reports, Gaga dropped Gibson after a major fight that may have been precipitated by recent comments from Gibson in the press in which she credited Madonna as an inspiration for Gaga's style. Gaga has made a point of distancing herself from comparisons to Madonna.

Bing: Lady Gaga's 'Judas' controversy

Gibson, who is the star of the E! reality series "The Dance Scene," also clashed with Gaga over the religious imagery in her video for "Judas" earlier this year. "At one point, there was two completely different views and after the third glass of wine, I was like, 'Listen, I don't want lightning to strike me. I believe in the Gospel and I'm not going there,'" Gibson told The Hollywood Reporter. The creative conflict between Gibson and Gaga deepened during the making of subsequent clips for "The Edge of Glory" and "Yoü and I."

Though Gaga's camp has confirmed that she and Gibson are no longer working together, there has been no official word on Gibson's replacement. Richard Jackson, who was Gibson's second-in-command, has choreographed all of Gaga's recent performances, including her appearance this weekend on the British version of "The X Factor."

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Nov 16, 2011 7:47PM
You didn't have to do that gaga because we know that already :D Gibson tell us something we don't know ;)
Nov 15, 2011 6:19AM

Did gaga part ways with Gibson or did Gibson leave on her own??


Perhaps Gibson can start to reclaim her soul now that she's out from under this sick, twisted agenda driven artist.. 





Nov 14, 2011 7:45PM
i can not see how doing crack anf being gay  are alike.  people doing crack choose being gay you are born this way.  you have all these friends being gay but can not stand up for them, very sad and ignorant.
Nov 14, 2011 7:08PM
Let me express my thumbs-up for those who have an open mind while posting your comments, being a man from what society calls old school, I too, ask the question why are so many people judging Lady GaGa? Whether the comments from these postings are from homophobic individuals or not, it takes a real thinker to know we are all different, yes there are some with similarities, but we all are our own individual beings. As a gay man I'm glad and proud to support any individual who can make a difference in our lives, whether you agree or not, there are more changes to come, so all those who can't stand  change and live in a time warp.
Nov 14, 2011 6:55PM
P.s. to the homophobia mentioners. Again. come on, we all unless are...homosexual. have homophobia. i find it awkward and uncomfortable when a girl is hitting on me and touching me. And everyone male or female can admit that. Its awkward and you try and get away. I have tons of gay male friends. Theyre awesome. I have a few lesbian friends, not to so many though, they tend to like to hang with guys more. Same with gay men, they tend to hang with girls more. But once again, homophobia is humanity unless you are a homosexual. Im pro gay marriage, its their life...i dont give a rats behind what they do. I bet I have neighbors who do crack...should we ban crack users from getting married? i mean do we approve of crack? highly doubt it. we do what we choose to do. I bet atleast one person commenting on here is....a swinger. do we approve of it, nope, their business. What I do in my personal life is my personal life. As far as going into your work place and making out with your "partner" well, thats different, but then again, i dont think any kind of public tongue display is very appealing from anybody. guys can say oh im against gays.....but i bet they watch girl on girl action porn. um.....hypocritical.​..possibly?? I dunno. Stop with the homophobia. just because GaGa is bisexual and people are judging her doesnt mean we/they are against homosexuals...
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