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Kings of Leon to take a break


Rockers Kings of Leon are set to take a six-month hiatus after their upcoming Australian tour is over.

Kings of Leon, from left: Matthew Followill, Nathan Followill, Jared Followill and Caleb Followill (©AP)

The band's shows Down Under were originally scheduled for March but were postponed after drummer Nathan Followill underwent surgery on a shoulder injury.

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They later scrapped their U.S. tour after singer Caleb Followill experienced problems with his voice, but the group is heading back to Australia to kick off the rescheduled shows in Sydney on Nov. 4, and Nathan said they will take six months off once the Aussie dates are complete.

He told, "It'll be good to take six months off and be normal, enjoy being married. Matt's got a baby now. I'd say within six months we'll be getting back in songwriting mode. We can't stay gone too long or we'll get bored and fat and die of heart attacks."

Nathan married Victoria's Secret model Lily Aldridge last year, while his cousin and bandmate Matthew Followill became a first-time father in May.

In the same interview, Nathan dismissed rumors his brother Caleb enrolled in rehab following the cancellation of the band's U.S. tour.

The group axed a number of shows in July after Caleb walked offstage midway through a concert in Dallas amid complaints about the intense heat and problems with his voice.

He tells, "Ah, no. No rehab. The drinking definitely wasn't what happened in Dallas. It was 43 degrees that day. It was dehydration and overheating. Before the show, you could hear in his voice, it wasn't all there. But if we'd stopped the show, there'd be a huge uproar about us cancelling right before we went on stage. Unfortunately, the heat got to a couple of us and it unfolded the way it unfolded..."

Nathan insists the break "did us all good" as it allowed the rockers time to recuperate from the rigors of touring, adding, "We all knew we just needed to take a break. Caleb's voice was completely shot... The European tour before it was a strenuous tour for us. The American tour -- everything just kinda came to a head.

"If you work yourself too hard, you'll stop one way or another. Some people probably thought it was the end... (But) we're family, we love each other. I don't think we'd ever be able to stay away from it much longer than we did."

Nov 1, 2011 3:54PM

KoL has run out of ideas already.

Except dope, booze and sluts.

A victim of their own excesses.

I never understood their popularity.

I never understood why the Nashville crowd took to them so (possibly because they are just as fake as most of the dregs haunting Nashville at any given moment are).

All I know is I once downloaded Aha, Shake, Heartbreak off of the net to see if I would like it enough to go out and buy it....

and, I deleted it after three or four listens to be sure it was really as awful as I initially thought it was.

I was turned on to a disc by a band called The Redwalls that I thought slapped bands like Kol and most of the newer indy sh!t around like little girls.

It wasn't great, but better than this tripe.

Oct 31, 2011 10:23PM
the break needs to be longer - or preferably permanent.


Oct 31, 2011 5:55PM
umm...It's Caleb who is married to Lily Aldridge who is a Victoria Secret's Angel
Oct 31, 2011 4:00PM
FYI-Caleb is married to Lily Aldridge.
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