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William Shatner
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William Shatner covers Black Sabbath on new CD


Emmy-winning actor William Shatner reminds us of our grandpa -- he's funny and lovable, but sometimes we worry that he's just completely lost it. And now he's singing "Iron Man" by Black Sabbath.

Shatner is releasing another one of his signature spoken-word(ish) cover albums, this time collecting famous fantasy/sci-fi-inspired tunes in a compilation called "Seeking Major Tom."

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As usual, he delivers the famous tracks in that Shatner stop-and-go amelodic style. However, for Black Sabbath's "Iron Man," he thought it wise to sing the melody (the operative word here being "thought"). Shatner released the behind-the-scenes footage on his YouTube channel.

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Now remember, Shatner can hear the backing track in his headphones but we cannot, making this all the more delightful. Be sure you've already swallowed your morning coffee. Watch below:

Jan 21, 2012 10:31AM
I remember when this song use to scare society. Now it just  scares the hell out of me.
For john m & all the other haters. If he was so obsolete, then everyone wouldn't be talking about him still to this day 45 years after STAR TREK 1ST STARTED...  Just because he hasn't been in a new Star Trek movie don't mean any thing. Go crawl back into your hole & grow up. Did you mother ever tell you if you didn't have something nice to say, to not say anything at all. Who made you a star in the media world? No one, you better get ready, It's time to make the 2nd shift & drop the fries & clean the bathrooms @ Mickey D's.You wish you had a 1 1000 of the talent & notoriety that good old William Shatner has. He has done it all from stupid records, to TV to Movies to broadway to being a #1 NY best times seller & the negotiator on price line for the last 14 years. He's so good at it that even though they are killing his part in the new commercial. They are keeping him under contract, which means in Hollywood speak, he stills gets paid, even if he don't do anything again with them! Now that's some one who has done it all baby !!
Hey rap star wanna be. Star Trek hasn't passed him by. If you had half a brain you would know that he has wrote dozens of  Star Trek Books over the last 30 years. So no one has passed him by. For an 80 year old guy, still being a household name. I say that's 1 of the biggest accomplishments in all of hollywood. What have you done that any one knows who you are?? Nothing, that's why your trying to bust on others because you are jealous !!
Every time a favorite group gets paid by someone for lisc. fees to use a song in a commercial, They are called sell outs. Don't anyone of you realize every time a record is made that we pay for & they get part of the money for that cd, concert ticket, dvd or whatever. It is no different. They are just getting paid in a different way. They have to eat & you should be glad that the music you grew up on is in commercials & being used by whom ever has a buck to remind us of what we love. Do you get up & go to work every day & work for free. Noooooo, none of us do, so why shouldn't they get paid when they aren't selling out concerts like they used to, or because you are downloading their music for free from some file sharing site, they are losing money !! So until you go work for free & live off of the fat of the land, like a neanthadal. STOP CALLING OUR FAVORITE MUSICIANS SELLOUTS!! If you don't wanna hear it, or see the commercial. Then throw out your TV's
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