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Donny Osmond
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Donny Osmond criticizes Gaga's shock tactics


Donny Osmond has criticized Lady Gaga's shock tactics, branding her headline-grabbing stunts a "cheap way" of finding fame and selling records.

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Osmond previously slammed Gaga for her 2010 music video "Telephone," which he claimed featured "profanity, sexual exploitation, nudity, and graphic violence."

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Speaking on CNN's "Piers Morgan Tonight" he said, "First of all just let me make the statement: I think Lady Gaga is brilliant as a marketer, as a writer, as an artist -- she is Madonna incarnated in my opinion. But I don't agree with a lot of the shock elements nowadays a lot of artists take to get their face on the cover, to get on the charts."

"In my opinion it is a cheap way to become popular," he added, "but I do think she's a very talented woman."