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George Harrison
© AP File / Geogre Harrison
It's George Harrison's birthday -- or is it?

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Happy 68th, George Harrison! Um, we think ...

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The Beatles guitarist passed away Nov. 29, 2001, at the age of 58. For years, various biographies listed his birth date as Feb. 25, 1943, and social networks such as Twitter and Facebook are buzzing today with the word that it's Harrison's birthday. But could it be possible that everyone's got it wrong? 

MSN's artist archive lists Harrison's birth date as Feb. 24. And even lists Harrison's birth date as Feb. 24, noting in his trivia entry: "A good deal of confusion as to his real birthday was solved when a family birth record noted him as being born shortly before midnight around 11:50 P.M. on February 24th, 1943. He had believed his birthday was February 25th for his entire life."

A commenter on chimes in with, "For most of his life he believed it was the 25th, but he later found out on a family birth record that he was actually born at 11:42 PM, 24th of February 1943 -- 12 Arnold Grove, Wavertree, Liverpool."

But a copy of Harrison's birth certificate on clearly shows his birthdate to be Feb. 25. Confusing? Yes. 

It's safe to wish him a happy birthday anyway; it's the thought that counts. And while you're at it, say happy birthday to Carrot Top, too -- the comedian turns 46 today.