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Eminem becomes the most 'liked' living artist on Facebook

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Facebook really "likes" Eminem.

The hip-hop artist has passed Lady Gaga to become the most "liked" living artist on the site, with 28,883,000 "likes" as opposed to Gaga's measly 28,872,000., which generates statistics for Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, says Eminem currently gets about 500,000 "likes" a day. If the trend continues, he could surpass the most "liked" artist ever: Michael Jackson.

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Earlier in the week, Eminem broke virtual history on by becoming the first hip-hop artist to score one billion hits.

His 28 official promos, including "Not Afraid" and" Love The Way You Lie," have proved to be hugely popular with fans on the video-sharing site, and on Monday, Eminem became only the third musician to achieve the massive feat.

The only other stars who can lay claim to the honor are Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber -- the teenager remains the all-time most-viewed artist on with 1.3 billion views.

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