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Only on MSN: Kenny Chesney's Live 'Summer'

Preview the country superstar's spectacular live show

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MORE FROM 'SUMMER': Fans can purchase the full program for download here

Over the past decade, Kenny Chesney has consolidated his position as country's most reliable harbinger of summer: Each Chesney tour has raised the ante by framing his catalog of sun-drenched anthems and mellow ballads with increasingly spectacular live productions scaled to the arenas and stadiums that have become his concert stomping grounds. Rock firepower and Chesney's virtually aerobic command of large stages have earned the Tennessee native bragging rights as one of the highest grossing concert acts in North America, moving millions of tickets and consolidating a streak of CMA and ACM awards including multiple Entertainer of the Year trophies.

Chesney's momentum continues with one of this fall's biggest album releases, "Hemingway's Whiskey," his sixth album to top the Billboard album chart.

The spring of 2010 underscored Chesney's live profile with the groundbreaking theatrical release of "Kenny Chesney — Summer in 3D," captured at concerts in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Seattle, Indianapolis, and Foxboro, Mass. Now that full-length concert film is being released in conventional video form for online streaming and an upcoming 2011 DVD release. You can preview the excitement by viewing four of Chesney's biggest hits as he performed them for his fans on tour, streaming on demand on MSN Music.