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Britney vs. Paris: Slutty Costume Smackdown

Coming down off your Halloween sugar high? Need a pick-me-up that doesn't involve a dozen Pixy Stix and a Red Bull chaser? Look no further than the eye-opening costumes donned this Oct. 31 by Britney Spears and Paris Hilton (just don't look too long or corneal damage could result). Now, relive the horror of the year's scariest holiday as you cast your vote:

Poll: Which costume puts the "lame" in "shameless"?

Britney. We're just not feline (groan) her more-paunchy-than-raunchy trashy tiger look, mostly because it's not all that different from what she usually wears.

Paris. If she thinks dressing up in a camouflage minidress, creepy contacts and garters is a patriotic "shout out" to the troops (no really, that's what she said), she should be court-martialed down from General Tacky to Major Bimbo.

Sound off: What do you think of their costumes?

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