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Nuclear Vacation


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Coming back on the heels of an uneven debut, Voodoo Court attempts to fix a few of the problems that plagued their earlier effort on Nuclear Vacation. First of all, the technical songcraft has matured in the three years in between albums, changing the group from simple and laid-back to playful and goofy. This side of the band is quite favorable, as they are quite adept at throwing in strange and fun licks between the bouncy instrumental passages. Guitarist Mark Kuhn has especially grown, leaving behind much of the repetitive phrasing from their debut and replacing it with a winding strut that brings to mind classic Les Paul. He has also developed a relationship with the various bassists (there are several) that complements both instruments, as the guitar and bass chase each other around the fretboard in a playful display of musical athleticism. The songs are still not that memorable, but the overall album still makes for a satisfying listen. The only real problem is the production, which isn't as dry as the first album but still lacks the punch that a really great surf record can maintain. Far from perfect, Nuclear Vacation is still an important stepping stone for Voodoo Court and marks their gradual improvement from album to album. ~ Bradley Torreano, Rovi