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Diablo Canyon


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Perhaps more so than any other point in music history, Southern rock was the furthest off the map circa the early to mid-'90s, as several other popular rock styles were dominating the charts and airwaves (namely, alternative and grunge). But it was at this precise time that the Outlaws opted to release their first studio album in nearly ten years, 1994's Diablo Canyon. And to their credit, they didn't reappear with detuned guitar riffs, Doc Marten boots, and flannel shirts. Instead, they stuck closely to the sonic path of their prior albums. And despite the long layoff between studio sets, Diablo Canyon manages to be an impressively lean and rockin' album -- cut directly from the unmistakable Southern rock cloth. Heck, pick just about any song here ("Dregs Fall to the Wicked," "Steam on the Blacktop," "New Frontier," etc.), and you've got a perfect accompanying soundtrack to a long distance ride on your Harley. ~ Greg Prato, Rovi