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amg review
On Shriekback's debut LP they worked in two basic modes: slithery, abstract funk ("Lined Up," "Clear Trails," etc.) and slower, spacier numbers built on sustained bass notes ("Evaporation," "Brink of Collapse," and so on). The result was offputtingly cold to some, but to those who dug a certain combination of intricate rhythm and eerie atmospherics, Care was a revelation. Building on the sound of Tench, this release continues to impress with its combination of off-kilter creativity and top-notch musicianship. Bassist Dave Allen comes on like Bootsy Collins' evil twin, Barry Andrews' freaky keyboard noises whirl through the mix, and Carl Marsh adds tasteful, restrained guitar colorings, innovative drum programming, and cerebral lyrics. The vocals, while still unconventional, are a less aggressively weird than on Tench, and Care shows a stronger pop element in songs like "Sway" and "Lined Up," which became a minor US hit. Note that this album exists in both UK and US versions; the two look the same but have slightly different track listings and running orders. The domestic version subtracts "Hapax Legomena" and "In: Amongst," while adding "Accretions" and "My Spine (Is the Bass Line)," making it the more satisfying of the two. Both versions are hard to find, but many of the songs are available on the Kaz Records Best of Shriekback CDs. ~ Bill Cassel, Rovi