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Breaking In An Angel


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amg review
Breaking In an Angel can best be summed up in two words: hopeful and schizophrenic. Hopeful because, unlike the band's contemporaries, Red Animal War plays music that encourages and uplifts. Sure, the album has its share of words about betrayal and disappointment, but the overall theme seems to be one of optimism. Musically, however, Red Animal War seems schizophrenic because the Texas foursome is all over the place, yet in an original and refreshing manner. Indie rock is the band's style; they go from melodies to stops and starts, from screaming vocals to spoken words. Jangly guitars and blunt basslines disguise confident drumwork and droning vocals. Breaking In an Angel can be added to the list of albums that become better and better with each listen. The music forces the lyrics to be read and then sung along with. It all marches forcefully and straight ahead; yet once you are comfortable with Red Animal War's brand of rock, don't be surprised if the band throws something a bit unpredictable into the mix to charge things up. Breaking In an Angel is different, yet interesting. ~ Kurt Morris, Rovi