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Komfort 2000


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amg review
Austrian guitarist (electric) Martin Siewert is part of the contingent of musicians that emerged from Vienna in the late '90s. Komfort 2000 is a single 60-minute work. The musicians involved are Martin Siewert on guitar (electric) with his compatriots Helge Hinteregger (sampler, sax) and Werner Dafeldecker (bass, electronics, table guitar [electric]), along with Wayne Horvitz, Kletka Red, and drummer Tony Buck.

Four of the six parts have been written by Siewert; the other two are collective improvisations. But the composed sections sound more like structured improvisations -- and what improvisations! Komfort 2000 is in the same vein as the wonderful Dafeldecker Fennesz Kurzmann O'Rourke Drumm Siewert CD released in 1999 on Charhizma: lots of noise within controlled chaos, smart use of silence, and raw improvisation reminiscent of Ossatura, the Konk Pack trio, the Comforts of Madness, or even Tony Buck's Music of the Little Red Spiders project. Buck brings in a rhythmical quality usually absent from the Viennese works. Komfort 2000 is to be listened to attentively, at high volume in order to catch every detail of the quieter passages. This is one of the strongest and most convincing works that came out of the Austrian experimental music scene between 1997 and 2000. ~ François Couture, Rovi