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Flores De Alquiler


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From the first notes of Flores de Alquiler, it's clear that la 5ª Estación is rock en español a cut above the average. Laced with mariachi horns and fronted by gutsy lead vocalist Natalia Jimenez, the first cut, "El Sol No Regresa," confidently sets the standard of excellence and taste to be met and exceeded by subsequent tracks. The debut performance of this trio, rounded out by rhythm guitarist Angel Pontes and lead guitarist Pablo Dominguez Villarubia, Flores de Alquiler was met with an enthusiastic reception. Reaching the Top Ten on several Billboard lists is only on the surface level of the near instant success of this 2004 release. Aggressive touring in support of this record won them a strong fan base in their native Spain, Mexico, and other corners of the Latin American world. This task would prove easy to any group resourced with the combination of Ponte and Villarubia's clever writing and the lush, flexible vocal work of Jimenez. With a strong first impression on the world audience, la 5ª Estación is sure to continue to dazzle and enchant. Their aggressive yet warm, inventive sound goes down smoothly and richly, and their measured risk-taking is to be applauded. ~ Evan C. Gutierrez, Rovi