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Shadow Boxes


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amg review
Citing influences as diverse as Keith Jarrett and Ornette Coleman, pianist John Bickerton runs his trio through eight of his compositions. The pieces have a somewhat tentative nature, as they tend to lurch forward in short spurts and then begin over again. Bickerton keeps the volume and intensity on the low side, which, when combined with the short rapid phrases, gives the music a nervous feel. Bassist Heyner and drummer Rashid Bakr seem to want to jump out of the box, but are restrained from doing so. Bickerton enjoys clusters and undeveloped lines that are picked up seconds later. The results can be disconcerting, though the pianist is clearly a strong performer and talented. Dark and brooding, yet very much "of the moment," Bickerton is a voice with something to say, but that something is not communicated here as articulately as he's seemed capable of in the past. ~ Steve Loewy, Rovi