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El Efecto Mozart: Música para Niños


Critics' Reviews

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Music therapist Don Campbell's innovative Mozart Effect series uses Mozart's music to help develop intelligence and creativity in children age 2 to 16. This box set collects all three volumes of the series in a comprehensive, convenient set. Volume one, "Tune Up Your Mind," uses the high frequencies in Mozart's Violin Concertos to stimulate mental focus, and features pieces like "Eine Kleine Nacht Musik." Volume two, "Relaxation, Daydream & Draw," uses works like "Voi che Sapete" from The Marriage of Figaro to create a restful, creative atmosphere, and volume three, "Mozart in Motion," features charming marches and dances like "Champagne Aria" from Don Giovanni to improve coordination and motor skills. An enjoyable and educational tool for teachers and parents, the Mozart Effect box provides an entertaining dose of musical therapy and musical history. The English and Spanish versions of this collection include information about the recordings and suggestions for use. ~ Heather Phares, Rovi