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The Sleeping House


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amg review
Major lineup changes and a four-year break barely seem to have made a dent in the dream pop creations of Cool Hand Luke. The Sleeping House picks up right where 2004's The Fires of Life left off, with layers of swirling guitar and drums pounding on top of piano rock melodies that more blatantly bear the soul of head man Mark Nicks. Guitarist Joey Holman and bassist Casey McBride round out the trio in place of Chris Susi and Brandon Morgan, and quite frankly, the lineup shift is seamless. The trio settles into a groove early on and shows off an impressive mastery of their craft. Lyrically, Nicks seems to have hit his sweet spot on this album, penning line after line of unabashed convictions and questions for the Christian soul. This disc is the ultimate companion for those nights of inevitable spiritual ponderings and questioning of the deep stuff. Highlights include the dreamy midtempo "Buy the Truth," "Cast Your Bread," and "The House." ~ Jared Johnson, Rovi