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amg review
As adjectives go, "eclectic" has offered the music critics of the world a convenient catchall for the slew of compilations that clutter the marketplace, but bizarrely monikered Stereo Deluxe artist Boozoo Bajou -- aka Latin-obsessed duo Peter Heider and Florian Seyberth -- effect a dictionary definition in their debut selection for Oliver Rosch's imprint. Having borrowed heavily from dub, blues, and soul in their Satta! album (a word that tellingly translates from patois as "relax"), Heider and Seyberth finally requite these past favors in a tribute to some of their favorite music --hence, a track listing where Gregory Isaacs, John Lee Hooker, Freddie McGregor, and even Paul Weller make appearances among the more contemporary names of Groove Armada, Tommy Guerro, Burnt Friedman, and UKO. The resultant album is truly eclectic: a flamboyant, summery, and ultimately irresistible delight. ~ Kingsley Marshall, Rovi