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What You're Here For


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Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Mudhoney, and Alice in Chains weren't the first important rock artists who came out of Seattle -- there was Jimi Hendrix in the 1960s and Heart in the 1970s -- but the grunge/alternative rock explosion of the early '90s had such a huge impact on the post-1980s rock world that Seattle became synonymous with grunge in the minds of many people. Not all Seattle-based rock bands, however, play grunge or post-grunge, and Abbotfinney are a prime example. What You're Here For, which was produced by Glenn Lorbecki, doesn't sound anything like Soundgarden or Tad; stylistically, this Seattle combo has a lot more in common with the Gin Blossoms or John Mayer than it does with Nirvana or any of the countless grunge or post-grunge bands that Nirvana influenced. Abbotfinney play alternative pop/rock, but it is alternative pop/rock of the adult alternative variety -- and their tunefulness is an asset on melodic, well-crafted tracks such as "Isabella Rain," "Girl from California," "Feeling Rather Lonely," and the single "You Alone." Occasionally, this 2008 release veers into sociopolitical territory; the infectious "Change," for example, indicates that Abbotfinney's members were not the least bit happy with the presidency of George W. Bush (also known as one of the worst presidents in the history of the United States). But even when Abbotfinney become sociopolitical, they aren't preachy or in-your-face about it; they never let it detract from the pleasures of the melodies. As of spring 2008, Abbotfinney weren't very well known nationally. But What You're Here For is a respectable outing and demonstrates that the Seattle residents are worthy of a higher profile and more national exposure. ~ Alex Henderson, Rovi