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Young idols all grown up

A look at the burnouts and the survivors

By Martha Brockenbrough
Special to MSN Music

Anyone who's ever been young knows that teens often -- but not always -- do dumb things. They drive too fast. They experiment with mind-altering substances. They get overly invested in doomed relationships.

When you add extraordinary talent, fame and wealth to the mix, ordinary teen stupidity has a chance to become epic. Not only are these rich and famous kids more likely to believe in their own invincibility, they have people invested in enabling the ensuing self-destructive behavior.

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We've seen the ups and downs of teen idols over the years, but one artist who keeps making headlines for his bad behavior is Justin Bieber.

The prodigiously talented Canadian pop singer has had some amazing career successes. His debut album tossed seven songs onto the Billboard Hot 100 -- something no one else has done, but his musical successes are now being overshadowed by reports of him spitting in an Ohio DJ's face, stepping on the Blackhawks logo in their locker room and even peeing in a New York restaurant's mop bucket while cursing former President Bill Clinton (he apologized later).

There are also some other worrying signs. After an embarrassing incident in which he puked onstage during a performance earlier last year, photos of Bieber smoking what appeared to be a joint showed up online. And he's been pulled over for speeding more than once driving one of his luxury cars. The last time this happened, a photographer was killed trying to get pictures -- which in no way was Bieber's fault, and apparently a friend was driving Bieber's car when it was pulled over.

Click on for some of those sad tales, along with the stories of kids who spent time on top of the world and didn't end up in a crumpled heap on the bottom.

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